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    Hi there,


    Need an idea?


    Then you're in the right place because I make ideas for strangers.

    I give you permission to scroll down for some of my past/current projects.


    Hit me up below if you'd like to talk.


    Till then, peace, my stranger 😎🍺

  • past and present ideas

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    The Bible, translated with Emojis.

    It became an international phenomenon, the #2 Twitter trend for a day (lol, #success) and yes it was generated in this laboratory.

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    Growth hacking personal assistant for Wordpress

    Ever wish there was an easier way to do a/b testing and optimization? Good news, there is and you're welcome.


    1. automated ideation for things to test

    2. automated a/b testing and optimization

    3. more clicks on your site (again, you're welcome)

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    Robo-calls that target politicians

    Make your voice heard. Our Congress has stopped listening to the American people and it's time to make sure they remember who they represent.